Фекшн фокус про потомков

Фекшн фокус про потомков кровной линии Стригои в мире АоСа.

– Кто такие, чем знамениты?
Дворы Поедателей Плоти – это армия свихнувшихся гулей под предводительством звероподобных вампиров. Все они верят, что являются благородными воинами из прошедших эпох. Куски плоти для них видятся украшениями, осколки кости – мастерски сделанными мечами, а пожирание плоти – пиром знати.

– Зачем тащить за Флеш-итеров?
У них интересный необычный бэк, когда сгорбившиеся каннибалы верят, что они – благородные рыцари. Простой и понятный модельный ряд – каннибалы, каннибалы побольше и каннибалы ещё больше и с крыльями. Все они быстро перемещаются по полю боя и очень сильны в ближнем бою, что логично – сложно одновременно любить свежеоторванные куски мяса и быть так себе в рукопашной схватке.
Поддерживать героев этой армии очень важно, ведь они дают бонусы и призывают новых гулей на поля сражений. Новым игрокам советуют брать большие пачки по 30 гулей и 9 Ужасов Склепа и не забывать про Варгульфа.
А ещё у армии есть Старт Коллектинг.

– Чем хороши в новой редакции?
Как обычно – героев сложнее выцеливать. Герои теперь призывают бесплатно и всё такое. Персонажи послабее (Courtiers) пополняют уже существующие отряды, а Короли Гулей могут призывать новые на поле битвы (один отряд с Короля). То есть Король идёт по факту сразу с бесплатным отрядом.

“Faction Focus: Flesh-eater courts

Welcome back to Faction Focus! Today, were looking at one of the most-improved armies in the new edition the Flesh-eater Courts. Read on for expert insights, a look at some particularly deadly new combos to try out with command abilities and more

Not all who serve Nagash are mindless. Some, like the Soulblight Vampires, do so in search of power, while others, like the Wight Kings, retain a powerful warrior-animus. The Flesh-eater Courts, on the other hand, are altogether more horrific

The ghouls of the Flesh-eater Courts believe themselves to be noble warriors from a bygone age. To them, rags of flesh are gleaming pennants, clutched bones serve as master-worked swords and heaps of spoiled meat form fresh and well-prepared feasts fit for royalty. Unfortunately for the Mortal Realms, this delusion cuts both ways they see all others as invaders and usurpers who threaten their kingdoms.

Warhammer TVs Martin is the proud king to a court of noble knights were talking, of course, about his Flesh-eater Courts army! We caught up with Martin to learn more about his collection and his tips for using them in battle.

Warhammer Community: What attracted you to the Flesh-eater Courts?

Martin: The lore is what gets me most excited about Flesh-eater Courts. The idea that the grand delusion of the Abhorrant Ghoul King spreads through all the bastion so that these depraved cannibals see themselves as heroic knights and noble pages is just so compelling.

When it comes to the miniatures, I love the simplicity of the range. Cannibals, bigger cannibals and bigger cannibals with wings pretty much makes up the menu and makes it easy to choose. I like to have a variety of forces, and so I have some of each. This simplicity carries over into the playstyle and makes for a great fast-moving horde of units which do varying levels of damage.

WarCom: What are your top tips for Flesh-eater Courts players?

Martin: The key to the Flesh-eater Courts are the Abhorrant Ghoul Kings. Crypt Ghouls and Crypt Horrors both reroll (some) hit rolls within range of these key models. They are also the spellcasters in the army. My top tip is to get a couple of these and keep them behind your lines, dont commit them until its absolutely essential as keeping them alive is more important for your overall army than the damage the can do in combat.

Supporting heroes are critical in a Flesh-eater Courts army, as they summon new models to the battlefield to replenish your units. These will allow you to win out in a grind. They are mostly quite tough, but again, you should try not to overexpose them to potential damage.

WarCom: What advice would you give to a new Flesh-eater Courts players?

Martin: I would suggest that new players look for larger resilient units with supporting heroes. When a strength of your army is bringing models back into units, then you need some models to survive the enemy attack in order to be able to add models back in. I prefer a core of 30 Crypt Ghouls and 9 Crypt Horrors for my army so I can take some damage but still dish it out too.

Of the supporting heroes, I rely on the Varghulf the most to call new warriors to my lines and I dont usually take to the field without two Abhorrant Ghoul Kings.

With the new edition, the Flesh-eater Courts have been transformed overnight into a stellar faction. With summoning units no longer costing reinforcement points, youll be able to quickly multiply, grow and overwhelm your enemy with a swarm of hungry mordants.

For those of you not familiar with the Flesh-eater Courts, allow us to explain. The army is designed around a collection of lower-level Heroes, known as Courtiers, each of which can bolster nearby units with new models. These Courtiers are led by Abhorrant Ghoul Kings, each of which has a command ability that lets them set up entirely new units with their command abilities.

These abilities now cost no reinforcement points and have been tweaked so they work once per Ghoul King. In short, this means that every Ghoul King essentially comes with a free unit, while your Courtiers will ensure they stay in the fight. Our recommendation? Take a Royal Family Warscroll Battalion, max out on Ghoul Kings of your choice and quickly multiply your army with command points for maximum efficiency.

Thats not to mention the other changes thatll benefit the Flesh-eater Courts in the new edition like using your fast-moving Wizards to set up particularly deadly endless spells or more changes were still to announce. Make sure to check back tomorrow, when well be taking a closer look at the shooting phase.”